Project Latte: How Microsoft wants to integrate Android apps into Windows 10

Windows 10 may soon be able to run mobile apps designed for Android. Update on the technical details that allow this porting.  Microsoft is working on a software solution that would allow app developers to run their Android apps on Windows 10 with little or no code changes. How? 'Or' What ? By packaging them as an MSIX app package format and allowing developers to submit them to the Microsoft Store. The project is codenamed " Latte ," according to Windows Central, which says it will go into production next year. Microsoft had already tried to put Android applications under Windows 10 with the Astoria project, which has since aborted. The Latte project is probably powered by the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). But Microsoft will need to provide its own Android subsystem for Google's OS apps to actually work. Microsoft has announced that the WSL will soon be compatible with GPU acceleration, which should improve the performance of applications runnin

Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Social Bond issuance program: more than 800 billion FCFA mobilized

A second phase of COVID-19 Social Bond issues was launched by the UMOA-Titles Agency, in coordination with the BCEAO, on behalf of the WAEMU member states. The execution of this second phase of the program during the months of July and August 2020, enjoyed the support of market players and was a resounding success.

Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Social Bond issuance program: more than 800 billion FCFA mobilized

In short, 35 investors from the UEMOA zone took part in the nine (9) operations making up this phase of the program.

Thus, the overall average rate of coverage resulting from these issues was 245.45%, with a weighted average interest rate of 2.2748%.

In addition, the weighted average interest rates observed were between 2.19% and 2.46% in a context where the BCEAO's key rate was at 2%.

Through the success of this new phase of the COVID-19 Social Bond issuance program and the 831.13 billion CFA francs effectively mobilized, the players in the WAEMU Public Securities Market renew their commitments to be socially responsible investors. by contributing to the efforts of States in the UEMOA zone against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This second phase of COVID-19 Social Voucher issuance comes after the success of phase 1 of the COVID-19 Social Voucher issuance program which has enabled member states of the UEMOA zone to mobilize more than 1000 billion CFA francs on the Public Securities Market

As a reminder, the COVID-19 Social Bons are Assimilable Treasury Bonds with a 3-month maturity issued by auction at discounted rates less than or equal to 3.75% during the first phase and 3.25% during the second phase. 

They benefit not only from access to the traditional BCEAO window, but also from access to a special COVID-19 window for 3-month refinancing at the fixed key rate increased from 2.5% to 2% from the first to the second phase, in conjunction with the cut in the BCEAO key rate.

The vouchers are exempt from taxes and duties for investors resident in the issuing country. Residents of the UEMOA zone and investors outside the UEMOA zone are subject to the taxation applicable in the territory of their country of residence.

The UMOA-Titles Agency and the Public Treasuries of the UEMOA zone would also like to thank all the MTP players who have made no effort to support the member states.