Project Latte: How Microsoft wants to integrate Android apps into Windows 10

Windows 10 may soon be able to run mobile apps designed for Android. Update on the technical details that allow this porting.  Microsoft is working on a software solution that would allow app developers to run their Android apps on Windows 10 with little or no code changes. How? 'Or' What ? By packaging them as an MSIX app package format and allowing developers to submit them to the Microsoft Store. The project is codenamed " Latte ," according to Windows Central, which says it will go into production next year. Microsoft had already tried to put Android applications under Windows 10 with the Astoria project, which has since aborted. The Latte project is probably powered by the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). But Microsoft will need to provide its own Android subsystem for Google's OS apps to actually work. Microsoft has announced that the WSL will soon be compatible with GPU acceleration, which should improve the performance of applications runnin

Apple and Tesla review share prices to attract more shareholders

The two tech giants, Apple and Tesla, are dividing their shares to make them more affordable but also to attract more shareholders. A process called “stock split”, understand “split operation”. This is not the first time that Apple and Tesla have resorted to this practice.

Apple and Tesla review share prices to attract more shareholders

By dividing up stocks, they become more affordable. Concretely, this involves converting one share into several shares at a determined ratio. For owners of Apple shares, it is 4. This means that the stock which was worth about $ 502 last Friday is worth $ 125 this Monday morning.

Ditto for Tesla whose share was worth $ 2,281: for the same amount the shareholder will receive $ 5 to $ 456 per unit. The holder's portfolio amount has not fallen, it is his number of shares that has increased. 

So why increase the volume of stocks? Well, quite simply to make them more attractive in order to increase the number of shareholders. This is how technology stocks grow on the stock market, but to achieve this, stocks must not take off, and for the past 3 months they have been soaring.

By dividing them up, Apple and Tesla maintain demand and therefore increase their liquidity, which reassures shareholders. As proof: upon the announcement of this new division, Apple and Tesla shares rose 25% and 45% respectively. So the circle is closed.