“Let's stop criticizing our banks!”

More than ten years after the subprime mortgage crisis, all the light has not been shed, and yet the idea of ​​the guilt of the banks has taken hold firmly in people's minds. They are even blamed for the double fault, since after playing with fire and triggering the crisis, they allegedly asked for help from the States. This unanimous condemnation, the result of incomplete analyzes, is a heavy component of the bank bashing that has raged since then and unfortunately works against our interests. We are indeed at a critical moment when Europe, faced with the domination of American finance and the dollar, must develop its own financial capacities. The development of a strong pan-European financial sector is therefore essential if we particularly want to foster the emergence of future European gafas. 
If it is vain to hope for the complete disappearance of this bank bashing and, one might say, of the bashing market whose roots plunge both in history and in ignor…

"Everyone is looking for their place": between galley and resourcefulness, seasonal workers faced with the health crisis

On average, one in two students works every summer, most often to finance their studies. This is the case for Jade, 21, who is entering a master's degree in psychology in September in Poitiers. Over the past three years, it only took three weeks for him to find a summer contract. This year after the coronavirus crisis, she looked in the hotel industry, restaurants, tourism: "Despite my B license, my car, and no, refusal of applications! A hundred, that seems absurd to me, Jade tells franceinfo. There, I come out a little discouraged. "
"Everyone is looking for their place": between galley and resourcefulness, seasonal workers faced with the health crisis

Less offers, more requests

With the coronavirus crisis, there are fewer offers, more demands and working conditions have deteriorated. To get around these difficulties, Charlotte, a 26-year-old pastry chef and seasonal worker, sought work in another sector. A sector that the crisis has not affected: the garden center. "Everyone is actually crying. Everyone is looking for their place and I said to myself, even if it means being underpaid, I'm going to change jobs, I'm going to learn something else," explains Charlotte. As for the year which will continue, "I think it will be very hard", she believes "and besides, I do not risk doing my job again anytime soon".

We still have 50 employees on partial unemployment so it is not even conceivable to take a seasonal worker.
Franck Ronsard, manager of the restaurant Le Village Rossard

The same trend is observed for restaurant owners. In the 5th arrondissement of Paris, usually popular with tourists, the terraces are deserted. Franck Grant runs Village Rossard. Since the start of the summer, the restaurateur has lost more than 60% of its turnover. "The scheme is very simple: no tourists, no customers, no money", he laments.

Contracts in logistics

But other sectors continue to look for people ensures Sylvain Carrer. This sector manager of Proman interim agencies from Bordeaux to Toulouse underlines that these are "often contracts that are linked to logistics activities, order pickers, handlers, positions in agriculture or agrifood companies". The agricultural sector, for its part, will need seasonal workers for a few more weeks as the harvest will soon begin, followed by the picking of apples and pears.