“Let's stop criticizing our banks!”

More than ten years after the subprime mortgage crisis, all the light has not been shed, and yet the idea of ​​the guilt of the banks has taken hold firmly in people's minds. They are even blamed for the double fault, since after playing with fire and triggering the crisis, they allegedly asked for help from the States. This unanimous condemnation, the result of incomplete analyzes, is a heavy component of the bank bashing that has raged since then and unfortunately works against our interests. We are indeed at a critical moment when Europe, faced with the domination of American finance and the dollar, must develop its own financial capacities. The development of a strong pan-European financial sector is therefore essential if we particularly want to foster the emergence of future European gafas. 
If it is vain to hope for the complete disappearance of this bank bashing and, one might say, of the bashing market whose roots plunge both in history and in ignor…

4 municipalities pinned by the CNIL on automatic ticketing of motorists

The CNIL pinpoints 4 municipalities on automatic number plate recognition, which gives rise to numerous verbalizations.

4 municipalities pinned by the CNIL on automatic ticketing of motorists

Faced with the practices of automatic verbalization by recognition of license plates, the Cnil is stepping up to the plate. The institution responsible for preserving the privacy of the French urged 4 municipalities to put an end to these systems, without making the names of these municipalities public. "As part of an on-the-spot control campaign, the Cnil observed that a growing number of communities wanted to automate the process of reporting violations that they are authorized to observe on the territory of their municipality (for example, rules relating to the inconvenient parking of vehicles on public roads) ", indicates the institution in a press release published on its site.

But these sanction systems without human intervention, via photo and automatic reading of license plates, are only possible for violations of paid parking (non-payment or exceeding the authorized time), recalls the Cnil. Criminal offenses such as inconvenient or dangerous parking cannot be dealt with in this way, as municipalities do not have the right to "collect photographic files" representing license plates in order to detect and sanction them.

The Cnil in particular monitors these automatic license plate recognition devices, which are potentially very intrusive for privacy. They "result in the mandatory identification of all drivers wishing to park on public roads, as well as (...) the undifferentiated collection of all license plates of parked vehicles", she stressed. in 2018.

They are "likely to reveal detailed information of the private life of individuals, and question the possibility offered to citizens, unless there is specific justification, to circulate in public space anonymously," she indicated.