GAFA tax: Companies have received their tax notice

"Companies subject to this tax have received a tax notice for the payment of the 2020 installments," said Bruno Lemaire. Not to mention the possible wrath of the American authorities, the GAFA have already taken the lead. Here's how.   The negotiations on the digital tax at the OECD have come to naught. “We had suspended the collection of the tax until the OECD negotiations were concluded. This negotiation failed, so we will collect a tax on the digital giants next December, "explained Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy, in mid-October. "Companies subject to this tax have received a tax notice for the payment of the 2020 installments," the Ministry of the Economy said today. Facebook and Amazon "are among the companies" which have been notified "in recent days", assures for its part the Financial Times. So after firing the first ones, what should the French authorities expect from now on? Has

G Suite: Google is increasingly focusing on collaboration

Google has integrated a new series of updates to its collaborative tools within its G Suite. An integration that once again gives pride of place to video conferencing. On Wednesday, Google launched a series of updates to its collaborative tools for users of its G Suite. In addition to further integrating G Suite's chat, file sharing and video tools with Gmail, Google also announced several new security features for Meet and Chat.

G Suite: Google is increasingly focusing on collaboration

This desire to strengthen the synergy between the different applications of Google is rather new for the American giant. “Instead of learning another tool, we need the tools we already use to be even more useful and to work together, in an integrated and intuitive way,” said one of the leaders of G Suite, Javier. Soltero, in a blog post. Several improvements have been made to Google Chat 'rooms', the functionality of Google's messaging platform that performs a function similar to that of group chats. The rooms create a shared space where teams can collaborate and now access files and shared tasks directly in these same rooms.

G Suite users can also create rooms that include people from outside their company, such as contractors or consultants. In addition, users can open and co-edit documents in rooms, without leaving Gmail.

New features

There are other new features designed to reduce the need to switch between tools, such as the ability to join a video call from a chat or create a task from a chat message. In addition, the search function in Gmail now includes Chat results. Google has also added third-party integrations to Gmail, chat, and rooms, including DocuSign, Salesforce, and Trello.

Google is also planning to roll out new security features for Google Chat and Google Meet in the coming weeks, first for large accounts and then for G Suite for Education users. Hosts of these tools will be able to use security locks to decide which participants can chat or make a presentation in a meeting. They will also be able to use keystrokes, to prevent ousted participants from attempting to join a meeting by knocking. The chat will also be improved with new protections against phishing.

The company announced other new “integrated workspace” features to come, such as frame-by-frame video calling in Gmail and the integration of Google Meet into content tools like Docs, Sheets and Slides. Recall that Google introduced Meet directly into Gmail and made it free for everyone in the wake of the explosion of the global health crisis.