La Libra, Facebook's digital currency, announced for 2021 in reduced format

The launch of Facebook's digital currency, Libra , could take place in 2021. The project may benefit from favorable factors in the global economy, but regulators will have to be convinced first.  Facebook could launch Libra, its digital currency in 2021, we learn from the British media Financial Times, which quotes people close to the process. The product is expected to arrive in a limited version, after the project has met with great aversion from regulators, including in the United States, the country where the headquarters of the social media management company are located. The stakeholder association behind this digital currency project is now planning to launch a single version of Libra that will itself be pegged to the dollar, at the rate of one unit of US currency for each Facebook digital currency . “The other forms of currencies will be deployed at a later stage,” the FT source added. The exact launch date will depend on when the project

Wall Street Stock Exchange: Values to Follow on Wall Street

Main stocks to follow on Monday on Wall Street, where index futures suggest an opening up about 0.5% for the Dow Jones and 0.2% for the Standard & Poor's 500 but down 0.25 % for Nasdaq:

Wall Street Stock Exchange
📈 FACEBOOK and TWITTER lost about 2.6% in avant-Bourse and SNAP fell by 2.5% after the announcement by several large groups of the interruption of their advertising campaigns on social networks. JPMorgan analysts believe the ads create short-term risk for Facebook action.

📈 BOEING will begin a series of 737 MAX certification flights over Monday, spanning three days, sources familiar with the matter have learned. The title gains 3.2% in transactions in avant-Bourse.

📈 CHESAPEAKE ENERGY filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, becoming the largest US oil and gas group to apply for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States, weighed down by heavy debt and the impact of energy sector coronavirus.

📈 COTY announced the acquisition of 20% of the capital of the make-up brand KKW, created by the reality star Kim Kardashian West, for 200 million dollars. The title jumped almost 17% in avant-Bourse.

📈 STARBUCKS will take a break from its paid advertising programs on all social networks while the group is reflecting on solutions to prevent the spread of hate speech, the group said in a statement on Sunday.

📈 KKR and APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT are among the potential buyers of the wealth management activities of National Australia Bank, an operation whose amount could exceed one billion Australian dollars (610 million euros), we learned from three sources close to the matter.

📈 GILEAD SCIENCES announced Monday that it has set the price of remdesivir for the treatment of Covid-19 at 390 dollars per ampoule in the United States and in other developed countries, or 2,340 dollars for a treatment of five days, the duration recommended in the vast majority of cases.

📈 INTERCEPT PHARMACEUTICALS fell by more than 34% in trading in the stock market just after the announcement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of a request for approval of a treatment for NASH, a chronic disease liver.

📈 AMC ENTERTAINMENT HOLDINGS - Credit Suisse lowers its recommendation to “underperformance” against “neutral”

📈 WARNER MUSIC GROUP - JPMorgan begins monitoring the track to "overweight" with a target of 40 dollars.