European Central Bank confirms: economy will take two years to recover from crisis

The pandemic situation in the world is evolving in dispersed order: it seems to be slowing down in France but accelerating in other European countries ... and everyone is taking the measures they deem necessary. But a big question remains: how long will the economic crisis linked to the health crisis last? About two years, according to the ECB. Hope for a vaccine in 2021 In an interview that the chief economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), Philip Lane, gave to the newspaper Les Echos on November 22, 2020, we discover that it will be the vaccine, announced as available at the end of 2020-beginning of 2021 which will play an essential role in the recovery of the economy. For now, the ECB is watching closely "the circulation of the virus" and the health measures taken as a result, but especially the change in "consumer behavior". "It is certain that the two phenomena combined will lead to a decline in activity."

Police violence: "We are here for Mehdi, for Bilal, for Wissam", in Lyon, a symbolic rally in support of the families of victims

In Lyon, the demonstration against racism and police violence was well attended on Saturday June 13. The rally took place, in the afternoon, symbolically in front of the Court of Appeal, the historic courthouse in Old Lyon. Several families took the floor to tell how their son and brother had died after an arrest or a chase and their search for the truth. The slogans denounced institutionalized racism as did the lack of justice for certain families.
For Mehdi, Bilal and Wissam

For Mehdi, Bilal and Wissam

The demonstrators wear t-shirts "Justice for Mehdi", "Justice for Bilal", "Justice for Wissam". In the Lyon rally, we are talking about regional affairs, young men who died after an arrest or during a police check. Oualine, Lyonnais, their twenties are there to support the families' search for truth: "We are there for Bilal, for Mehdi. We do not count them but there is police violence in Lyon. We have to respond and we have to qu "We are in numbers against all these murders of the police."

The slogans are linked: "Police everywhere, justice nowhere", "No justice, no peace". We also designate state racism. Linda coordinates the rally for today, she is a member of the Justice committee for Mehdi, this young man from Vaux-en-Velin, 28, who died following a police check. For her, racism is institutionalized.

We have to stop believing that there is a democracy, that if we do things in the rules and if we follow the right path, that we are in the nails, well we will hear us and that 'we will obtain justice like any good French citizen.
Linda, event coordinator

It's a myth, we don't want to believe it anymore, we unfortunately stopped believing it. Today we want to unite and if we have to stay on the street well we will try to organize to stay on the street. "

Families symbolically speak on the steps of the Lyon Court of Appeal, the historic Old Town courthouse. Marwa El-Yamni fights for her brother "Wissam was a young man of 31 who was arrested by the police and who never came out of a coma and who died on January 9, 2012. Today we are at the age of eight, eight years when the case has not progressed. Today we only have lies. "

When we say that in the United States there are concerns, in France there are all the time. We must wake up, young men die all the time in the hands of the police.
Marwa El-Yamni

The gathering was limited to the forecourt of the court of appeal. The prefecture has set up a perimeter ban and access to the heart of Lyon and the peninsula was surrounded by the police.