E-commerce: Facebook launches the Business Suite application for SMEs

Technology: Facebook is continuing its strategy of developing e-commerce on its platforms, by designing new tools for businesses. Facebook is launching a new application for small businesses, allowing you to manage professional pages or profiles on both Facebook and Instagram.  Facebook Business Suite The tool is called "Facebook Business Suite". The platform explains that this app allows businesses to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and manage and receive messages, notifications and alerts in one place. The interface will also measure engagement, visualizing the tool's metrics through an information tab on Facebook and Instagram.

"We first designed Facebook Business Suite for small businesses, but it's a long-term investment, and we hope to make it the primary interface for businesses of all sizes that use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp," Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post yesterday. “Th…

With more than 4.5 million job seekers in category A in April, unemployment stands at its highest level since 1996 in France

A dizzying increase, linked to containment decreed to fight against the coronavirus. The number of job seekers registered with Pôle emploi in category A in France (excluding Mayotte) recorded its largest increase (+ 843,000 compared to March, or + 22.6%), in April, according to data published Thursday May 28 by the Ministry of Labor and Pôle Emploi.

With more than 4.5 million job seekers in category A in April, unemployment stands at its highest level since 1996 in France

The number of unemployed in this category thus reached its highest level since the start of the series in 1996, that is to say more than 4.5 million (4,575,500). Over three months, 1,065,200 additional job seekers are registered in this category, which groups people with no activity.

Three-quarters were enrolled in categories B or C the previous month

On the other hand, the number of job seekers in reduced activity (categories B, C) fell sharply (-633,600, or -29.9%) in April. Thus, the increase in the number of job seekers in category A observed in April was fueled by three-quarters by people registered in categories B and C in March.

In total, the workforce in categories A, B, C increased by 209,300 in April (i.e. + 3.6%). This constitutes "the largest monthly increase ever recorded" since the creation of these statistics in 1996 and this workforce crosses the six million mark for the first time, at 6.064 million.

This increase in the number of registrants in categories A, B, C, notes the Ministry of Labor, comes against a backdrop of declining entries at Pôle Emploi (-19.1%) and an even more marked drop in exits (-34 , 9%). Thus, although declining, inflows remain higher than outflows, which in turn reach their historic minimum.