E-commerce: Facebook launches the Business Suite application for SMEs

Technology: Facebook is continuing its strategy of developing e-commerce on its platforms, by designing new tools for businesses. Facebook is launching a new application for small businesses, allowing you to manage professional pages or profiles on both Facebook and Instagram.  Facebook Business Suite The tool is called "Facebook Business Suite". The platform explains that this app allows businesses to post to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and manage and receive messages, notifications and alerts in one place. The interface will also measure engagement, visualizing the tool's metrics through an information tab on Facebook and Instagram.

"We first designed Facebook Business Suite for small businesses, but it's a long-term investment, and we hope to make it the primary interface for businesses of all sizes that use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp," Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg said in a blog post yesterday. “Th…

"We have a loss which is quite colossal": the dealers await the announcements of Emmanuel Macron to revive the automotive sector

In 30 years in the business, the Citroën dealership director of the Trujas group in Créteil and Champigny-sur-Marne had never seen this. "We have a loss which is quite colossal in April, it's 90% of the turnover we lost, explains Pascal Le Dugue. It's just huge. The turnover made by month is normally a little over two million euros, so we only made 87,000 euros. "

Car in France streets

Emmanuel Macron presented, Tuesday, May 26, a support plan for the automotive sector. Support which must be oriented towards the hybrid and the electric to boost sales of new cars which plunged during confinement as in the concessions of Pascal le Dugue. The latter therefore awaits the announcements of the day impatiently with this flat: "We are talking about the electric and the hybrid, you should know that with regard to the Citroën brand, in any case from my stock to me, I 98% of thermal vehicles. " For the concessionaire, "if the state is only committed to promoting electric and hybrid vehicles, it is aimed at less than 10% of the population".

Not everyone can afford to buy an electric or a hybrid despite the very advantageous aid from the government and the manufacturers.
Pascal le Dugue, car dealer

The proof with a couple who wants to buy a family vehicle: the hybrid why not, except that it costs more, and it will also depend on announcements from the government. "We eliminated the diesel directly, but the hybrid why not. It would depend on the price offered," said the father. "Indeed, the hybrid is a plus for the environment. After, we will see what will be offered to us. For the moment in our selection there is no hybrid", continues the mother of family.

Do not forget the heat engines

In this concession, it is considered that the possible return of the conversion premium is a good thing. This bonus allows you to buy a new or used vehicle by permanently storing your old car. But Pascal le Dugue would like the government to go even further: "We would also need a bonus without the takeover because not everyone has a [car to take back] today, and may want to buy a vehicle but he will try to turn to a 'clean' vehicle. On an electric car we gave 6,000 euros, we went down to 3,000, a priori we talk about 8,000. Why not imagine on a thermal car , which emits 104 g of CO2 per kilometer, which we also donate 4,000 euros. "

According to the concession manager, the government should not put aside recent thermal vehicles because, for him, they are also clean vehicles.