La Libra, Facebook's digital currency, announced for 2021 in reduced format

The launch of Facebook's digital currency, Libra , could take place in 2021. The project may benefit from favorable factors in the global economy, but regulators will have to be convinced first.  Facebook could launch Libra, its digital currency in 2021, we learn from the British media Financial Times, which quotes people close to the process. The product is expected to arrive in a limited version, after the project has met with great aversion from regulators, including in the United States, the country where the headquarters of the social media management company are located. The stakeholder association behind this digital currency project is now planning to launch a single version of Libra that will itself be pegged to the dollar, at the rate of one unit of US currency for each Facebook digital currency . “The other forms of currencies will be deployed at a later stage,” the FT source added. The exact launch date will depend on when the project

"We are going to reinvent ourselves": Printemps Haussmann reopens its doors

It is an institution. Printemps Haussmann, an emblematic store on the Parisian Grands Boulevards, was able to reopen on Thursday 28 May. Closed since March 15, it had not been able to reopen at the time of deconfinement, the Paris police prefect having prohibited the reopening of sites over 40,000 m2. A decision suspended, as in Beaugrenelle, by the administrative court of capital. Printemps Haussman's management pleaded to welcome the public on several separate sites, none of which therefore exceeds 40,000 m².

"We are going to reinvent ourselves": Printemps Haussmann reopens its doors

A reopening that some did not want to miss, like this Chinese in lack of luxury brands. He waited more than an hour in the long queue to "find a small gift for the family". During the confinement, he did not want to try to buy online for fear that the package would be "lost during transport". Considering that "things are better for the moment" at the level of the Covid-19 crisis, he thinks that "it is very important to try (to return) in the stores". There are many Asian customers in the queue. No wonder when we know that it represents 30% of the turnover of Printemps Haussmann.

Fewer customers to respect barrier gestures

Now to enter the shopping center, you must wear a mask and wash your hands with hydro-alcoholic gel presented by the guards at the entrance. It is a new way of welcoming customers according to Mickaël Bodin, one of the 3,000 employees of the brand. "We will really reinvent ourselves," explains the sales manager who promises "social proximity and exchange by other gestures". Mickaël Bodin ensures that "the hands, the smile of the eyes and the gestures will come back to the fore". Above all, barrier gestures, respected by the 300 people present when the doors opened Thursday morning at 11 a.m.

An affluence far from that to which Printemps Haussmann is accustomed but which reassures all the same its director general, Pierre Pelarrey: "Obviously, we are very happy that there are people even if we do not expect to find the attendance levels last year. The international clientele and the provincial clientele will still be very, very little present. We expect a drop in the figure, but we are on a recovery phase so we are delighted! " In this district of the Grands Boulevards which is gradually coming to life, the other essential brand, the Galeries Lafayette, remain closed for the moment. They too are awaiting a decision from the administrative court.