Windows 10: the blocking for the 2004 version is lifted on the Surface

Technology: Microsoft was preventing certain Surface devices from updating to the 2004 version due to technical issues. The blockade was lifted on June 29.
Microsoft releases the block it placed on certain Surface devices to prevent them from updating to version 2004. This block prevented users of certain Surface models manufactured by Microsoft, including Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7, from downloading and manually install the latest Windows 10 feature update.

According to information released as part of the May 2020 update, devices with more than one network adapter capable of operating in "Always On, Always Connected" mode may experience unexpected shutdowns and reboots. The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 both fall into this category. (Other surface devices can also be included; I asked Microsoft for a list of affected devices, but got no response).

Several technical problems when launching the updateEven though a patch (KB4557957) was released on June 9 as part of …

The price of surgical masks escapes in extremis to a rise

The new decree also extends the price cap for hydroalcoholic gels intended for personal hygiene. This is one of the challenges of this deconfinement: the price of masks. For the moment, the regulation of the sale prices of hydroalcoholic gels and single-use surgical masks is guaranteed by a decree. A measure that has just been extended until the planned end of the state of health emergency on July 10. The new text was published this Friday, May 22. The measure adopted on May 2 set the maximum price for non-reusable surgical masks at 95 cents per unit for those sold at retail, and at 80 cents if sold wholesale, regardless of their origin and sales channel.
The price of surgical masks escapes in extremis to a rise

This provision, which was only valid until May 23, was extended identically until July. It does not concern masks "general public" in fabric. In addition, another decree, which entered into force in early March, regulated the price of hydroalcoholic gels intended for personal hygiene and was to apply until May 31.

The new decree published on Friday extends this framework until the end of the state of emergency, with adjusted ceilings, limiting the price of a 100 ml bottle to 2.64 euros (against a maximum of 3 euros previously). The 50 ml bottles are capped at 1.76 euros per bottle and those of 300 ml at 4.40 euros.

"At the same time, the DGCCRF (Directorate General for the Repression of Fraud) is continuing its checks to check the quality of the masks and make price statements," Secretary of State for the Economy Agnรจs Pannier-Runacher tweeted on Friday. The National Assembly had also voted in mid-April a drop in VAT, from 20% to 5.5%, on masks and hydroalcoholic gel, to make them more accessible during the coronavirus crisis.