European Central Bank confirms: economy will take two years to recover from crisis

The pandemic situation in the world is evolving in dispersed order: it seems to be slowing down in France but accelerating in other European countries ... and everyone is taking the measures they deem necessary. But a big question remains: how long will the economic crisis linked to the health crisis last? About two years, according to the ECB. Hope for a vaccine in 2021 In an interview that the chief economist of the European Central Bank (ECB), Philip Lane, gave to the newspaper Les Echos on November 22, 2020, we discover that it will be the vaccine, announced as available at the end of 2020-beginning of 2021 which will play an essential role in the recovery of the economy. For now, the ECB is watching closely "the circulation of the virus" and the health measures taken as a result, but especially the change in "consumer behavior". "It is certain that the two phenomena combined will lead to a decline in activity."

Space X called on Hollywood to dress its astronauts

On Saturday, two NASA astronauts will fly aboard the Space X rocket, Falcon 9. To imagine the combinations, the company of Elon Musk called on a Hollywood costume designer who worked in particular on Avengers and Batman V Superman.

Space X called on Hollywood to dress its astronauts

From fiction to reality, there is only one step. On Saturday, two NASA astronauts will fly to the ISS aboard the Space X rocket, Falcon 9. On Instagram, the company specializing in astronautics, unveiled the official outfits of the two travelers. Worthy of the greatest science fiction films, they look more like Hollywood costumes than real combinations. Rather than calling on specialists, Elon Musk entrusted the project to Jose Fernandez. Whoever worked on the costumes for Batman V Superman and Avengers imagined more salient outfits for the two astronauts. "Elon Musk kept saying that everyone looks better in suits, no matter their size or body shape." He explains that it was this initial premise that was used to design his "space tuxedos". A choice that is not surprising to believe the author of The Spacesuit Film: a History, 1918-1969, Gary Westfahl. "As long as space travel was subsidized by governments, there was no need to make the suits attractive, as the safety of the astronauts was the only concern. Now that space travel has become a business for private profit-seeking companies, they have a natural interest in making their astronauts attractive. ”

Elon Musk's gray and white costumes stick to the Hollywood tradition of the warrior body, according to curator at the Washington Air and Space Museum, Cathleen Lewis. We find in particular the exaggerated shoulders and articulated shells. She adds that "in his own way, the entrepreneur Elon Musk redefined the line between imagination and reality, transforming what was fiction to a new reality." As a reminder, the launch of Falcon-9 to the ISS was to take place at 10:33 p.m. PST on Wednesday, but it was postponed due to the weather.