“Let's stop criticizing our banks!”

More than ten years after the subprime mortgage crisis, all the light has not been shed, and yet the idea of ​​the guilt of the banks has taken hold firmly in people's minds. They are even blamed for the double fault, since after playing with fire and triggering the crisis, they allegedly asked for help from the States. This unanimous condemnation, the result of incomplete analyzes, is a heavy component of the bank bashing that has raged since then and unfortunately works against our interests. We are indeed at a critical moment when Europe, faced with the domination of American finance and the dollar, must develop its own financial capacities. The development of a strong pan-European financial sector is therefore essential if we particularly want to foster the emergence of future European gafas. 
If it is vain to hope for the complete disappearance of this bank bashing and, one might say, of the bashing market whose roots plunge both in history and in ignor…

Merchant Cannot Refuse Cash Payment Due to Covid-19

  • Can a merchant refuse a cash payment, citing the health situation? Internet users report such refusals.
  • This practice is illegal, says the Defender of Rights.
  • The risk of being contaminated with cash is "very low," according to the Ministry of Health.
Merchant Cannot Refuse Cash Payment Due to Covid-19

When you hand him a five-euro bill to pay for your baguette and your croissants, your baker demands that you pay for your purchases by card. Does he have the right to refuse your cash because of the Covid-19 epidemic? The question was raised on Facebook by a surfer, who told of her misadventures at certain merchants.

"Second time that a store has refused my cash settlement, including one who told us bluntly that if we were not happy, we only had to go home, when the law is very clear on this subject ", She said in the group La France anger - Map of rallies. Other netizens share similar misadventures on Twitter.

Refusing a cash payment "is not allowed", details the Servicepublic.fr website. "Payment in cash is the only means of payment that the merchant is obliged to accept," said the site. In case of refusal, the merchant is liable to a fine of 150 euros.

In early April, the Defender of Rights recalled that "the refusal to accept cash is prohibited by law and therefore illegal". It highlighted the situation of vulnerable people (protected adults, elderly people or beneficiaries of social minima), who do not have a bank card to pay their expenses. "The refusal to pay cash has the effect of depriving these people of access to basic necessities," he said.

In certain situations, detailed by the Ministry of the Interior, the merchant has the right to refuse cash: if he does not have enough coins to make change, if the coin or the bill is suspected of being a false or for concerns of public order (for parking meters or shops open during night hours).

In order to limit cash handling, many sellers now offer contactless payment to their customers. The ceiling has just been raised to 50 euros.

The risk of being contaminated by Covid-19 while handling money "is very low," the health ministry said in 20 Minutes in March. The Banque de France also ruled out this possibility: "to date there is no evidence confirming the hypothesis of a transmission of viruses such as the coronavirus by banknotes". Before recalling the importance of barrier gestures, such as hand washing, essential during this period.