FinCEN Files: Investigation into Dirty Money Transfers from Major Global Banks

At least $ 2 trillion in suspicious transactions were carried out between 2000 and 2017 by several major global banks. This is what an investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, made up of 400 journalists from the media in 88 countries, including the investigation units of Radio France and the newspaper Le Monde, reveals.
For their investigation, ICIJ journalists were able to obtain "suspicious activity reports". These are top-secret documents that US bank internal compliance officials send to US financial intelligence agencies when they detect questionable money transfers.

According to these documents, 2,000 billion dollars in suspicious transactions may have been carried out. It is dirty money linked to drugs, corruption, organized crime and terrorism.

Large banks are singled out like JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Bank of New York Mellon or HSBC. They ensure, however, that they make significant efforts to combat financial crime an…

Environment: the call to order of Elisabeth Borne to the big bosses | France

The Minister for Ecological Transition Elisabeth Borne wrote to some 90 big bosses to urge them to act more in favor of the environment. Among them, the bosses of LVMH, BNP Paribas or Air France-KLM.

Environment: the call to order of Elisabeth Borne to the big bosses | France

It is a formal call to order. The Minister for Ecological Transition √Člisabeth Borne wrote to some 90 big bosses urging them to take more action in favor of the environment. This is what this ministry said on Sunday, May 24, confirming information from the Sunday Journal. The recipient leaders are the signers at the beginning of May of a forum in Le Monde in which they argued for "a green revival", specifies the ministry. Among them, the bosses of LVMH, BNP Paribas or Air France-KLM.

"I call on them to demonstrate their commitments with concrete measures that I have listed. I wish to be both demanding and constructive," Elisabeth Borne explained to the JDD. In this three-page letter, with appendices listing the desired measures, the Minister mentions a future meeting with the Ministry during which they can announce the first commitments. According to the weekly, it will be in June. "The manner and date when these commitments will be formalized are still being defined. We are in the process of talking with the companies," said the ministry.

A roadmap for carbon neutrality

Among the measures applicable immediately, the courier cites the implementation of the package of 400 euros for employees traveling by bicycle or carpooling, the donation of unsold goods to associations, or the provision of a vegetarian meal by week. In the longer term, the Minister invites them to set and announce their roadmap for their carbon neutrality and a 100% circular economy.

In their column published in Le Monde, these companies, members of the Association Entreprises pour l'Environnement (EPE), believed that "a large part of the financial resources that will soon be mobilized for economic recovery would be well advised to be (...) to support the ecological transition, with an even stronger concern for social justice ". Among the signatories were heads of industries (Thales, Airbus, Renault, Michelin), banks and insurance companies, transport, luxury, energy (EDF), food industry (Danone), as well as the president of Medef.

A few days before, another letter had caused a stir, this time sent by Medef to √Člisabeth Borne to demand a six-month moratorium in the application of environmental measures to protect certain sectors, against the background of the economic and health crisis.