La Libra, Facebook's digital currency, announced for 2021 in reduced format

The launch of Facebook's digital currency, Libra , could take place in 2021. The project may benefit from favorable factors in the global economy, but regulators will have to be convinced first.  Facebook could launch Libra, its digital currency in 2021, we learn from the British media Financial Times, which quotes people close to the process. The product is expected to arrive in a limited version, after the project has met with great aversion from regulators, including in the United States, the country where the headquarters of the social media management company are located. The stakeholder association behind this digital currency project is now planning to launch a single version of Libra that will itself be pegged to the dollar, at the rate of one unit of US currency for each Facebook digital currency . “The other forms of currencies will be deployed at a later stage,” the FT source added. The exact launch date will depend on when the project

Elon Musk authorized to pocket $ 775 million in pay

In light of Tesla’s good financial performance, the American financial market authorities authorize the firm to grant its chief executive a first batch of stock options, which will allow Elon Musk to pocket nearly $ 775 million. The compensation plan, started in 2019, plans to allocate 20.3 million Tesla shares to Musk over the next ten years.

Elon Musk authorized to pocket $ 775 million in pay

The eccentric boss of Tesla (and SpaceX) may soon add nearly $ 775 million to his personal fortune. It is not a salary per se - Musk does not receive any - but rather a compensation program indexed to the automaker’s financial performance. As Le Monde notes, the American financial markets authority, the SEC, has just authorized Tesla to access a new package of stock options given the firm's good performance. "One of the milestones in (annual) revenues of $ 20 billion and market capitalization of $ 100 billion (over a given period) has been reached and authenticated by the board of directors," said Tesla.

As a result, Elon Musk can ask to pocket a first package of 1.69 million Tesla shares, at a favorable price of $ 350.02 per share. With the share price rising to $ 805.81 a unit at the latest Wall Street close, this will allow the firm’s boss to pocket nearly $ 774.84 million in profit. This stock option compensation plan, announced in 2018, plans to grant 20.3 million Tesla shares to Musk over the next ten years, which represents approximately $ 56 billion. The firm’s co-founder also benefits from 18.5 percent of Tesla’s capital, which would represent more than $ 24 billion, according to FactSet.

In addition to Tesla's good financial performance, Elon Musk is literally in the middle of the storm with SpaceX. The firm unfortunately had to cancel its historic launch of American astronauts to the ISS, originally scheduled for Wednesday, due to bad weather. Given the conditions, the aerospace engineers and NASA preferred not to risk it, and postponed the launch to Saturday May 30 at 9:22 p.m. French time.