Windows 10: the blocking for the 2004 version is lifted on the Surface

Technology: Microsoft was preventing certain Surface devices from updating to the 2004 version due to technical issues. The blockade was lifted on June 29.
Microsoft releases the block it placed on certain Surface devices to prevent them from updating to version 2004. This block prevented users of certain Surface models manufactured by Microsoft, including Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7, from downloading and manually install the latest Windows 10 feature update.

According to information released as part of the May 2020 update, devices with more than one network adapter capable of operating in "Always On, Always Connected" mode may experience unexpected shutdowns and reboots. The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 both fall into this category. (Other surface devices can also be included; I asked Microsoft for a list of affected devices, but got no response).

Several technical problems when launching the updateEven though a patch (KB4557957) was released on June 9 as part of …

Coronavirus: falling iron prices in a context of declining demand

Iron prices have already fallen 10% this year, trading at $ 84 per tonne in world markets on Wednesday. According to analyzes by BMO Capital and Morgan Stanley relayed by Reuters, this downward trend should continue until the end of the year with an average price between 75 and 78 $ per ton, mainly due to the effects of the pandemic from Covid-19.

Coronavirus: falling iron prices in a context of declining demand

The slowdown in global economic activity, including a drop in demand in the construction sector, has forced the largest foundries to suspend their activities. At the same time, mining production remained stable apart from a few disturbances in Australia and Brazil, the world's largest and second largest producers respectively, which led to a glut in the market.

Note that if the situation is not yet dramatic because of the steel production levels in China (decrease of 1.7% against 20% in the EU and 10% in Japan), an increase in mining production would be detrimental to the price of metal. The resumption of economic activity in China and around the world therefore remains the best source of hope for the sector.