Apple: the next iMac would adopt a new design and an Apple Silicon processor this year

For the first time since 2012, Apple would finally renew the design of its iMac. In 2021, Apple is preparing at least three new desktop Macs. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who also released information on future MacBook Pros and iPhone 12 successors in recent days, Apple will announce an iMac and two Mac Pros in 2021. The transition to Apple Silicon processors gives a new blows to the computers of the Californian giant.     iMac: finally an edge-to-edge screen This year, the iMac could change completely. Mark Gurman indicates that the borders of his screen would be much smaller, like Pro Display XDR, the ultra high-end screen launched by Apple with the Mac Pro in 2019. The back of the computer would also abandon the curvature in favor of a completely flat frame.  This new iMac would also be equipped with an Apple Silicon processor, probably a more powerful chip than the Apple M1 chip currently present in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. The 2021 iMac is reportedly

Border reopening: the European Union "can do better", concedes the Secretary of State for Tourism

The European Union "can do better" to find a common policy of reopening the post-containment borders, recognized Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, the Secretary of State for Tourism, Saturday May 16 on France Inter. Spain has imposed since Friday May 15 a systematic quarantine of people arriving from abroad, France threatens to take the same measure in response. In addition, Italy announced the reopening of its borders to visitors from the European Union on June 3.

Border reopening: the European Union "can do better", concedes the Secretary of State for Tourism

I understand that our Italian neighbors want to restart the tourism economy with the European engine, but we are still at a time when we are killing several dozen dead every night. said by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Secretary of State for Tourism at France Inter

"We must not forget, we are still in the time of the struggle to roll back the epidemic, recalls Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. The virus does not take a vacation", he insisted.

The reopening of the borders "must be concerted at European level", estimates Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, who announces a meeting next Tuesday "between all the ministers of Tourism of the European Union, to put all the subjects on the table".

"Nothing would be worse than a relapse"

Regarding the French calendar, "it is the health situation that will control decisions". "There are decisions that will be taken around May 25-28 in order to see what are the terms of the tourist activities that we reopen more widely from June 2". "Then, we will have another meeting 20 days later, between June 15 and 20 which will allow yet another adaptation," he said.

"Each time, we want to have the hindsight of how these phases of deconfinement go, because nothing would be worse than a relapse, than a second wave for the actors of tourism, warns Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. If these people- there are preparing to finally find their beaks in the water because we are forced to back down, they will have incurred costs again, they do not need that right now. That explains our caution. "