“Let's stop criticizing our banks!”

More than ten years after the subprime mortgage crisis, all the light has not been shed, and yet the idea of ​​the guilt of the banks has taken hold firmly in people's minds. They are even blamed for the double fault, since after playing with fire and triggering the crisis, they allegedly asked for help from the States. This unanimous condemnation, the result of incomplete analyzes, is a heavy component of the bank bashing that has raged since then and unfortunately works against our interests. We are indeed at a critical moment when Europe, faced with the domination of American finance and the dollar, must develop its own financial capacities. The development of a strong pan-European financial sector is therefore essential if we particularly want to foster the emergence of future European gafas. 
If it is vain to hope for the complete disappearance of this bank bashing and, one might say, of the bashing market whose roots plunge both in history and in ignor…

$ 22 million in assistance from Canada: unsubsidized daycares dissatisfied

The $ 22 million injection from the provincial government on Friday does not calm the discontent of owners of unsubsidized private daycare centers (GNS) who also fear the risk of contagion when they reopen on Monday in most of Quebec, and May 25 in Greater Montreal.
$ 22 million in assistance from Canada: unsubsidized daycares dissatisfied

After being open for two weeks for the children of essential workers, the GNS was closed starting April 3. Their reopening now raises fears. "We are afraid," said Khalid Daher, president of the Alliance Quebecoise des garderies unsubsidized, after learning of the COVID-19 outbreak at a daycare center in Mascouche, Lanaudière, on Tuesday.

"We are in the eye of the storm and we want to postpone the opening of daycare centers until July 1. At least wait until the curve goes down. So we can open 100%, "added the man whose organization has more than 200 members. In this first phase of deconfinement, the daycares will be able to accommodate between 30 and 50% of their maximum clientele. "30% of 80 is 24. So a child of a worker at risk could infect 24 others. This is the real danger and that is what the government does not want to understand. And collective immunity has not been scientifically proven, "plague Daher.

“With babies, the distance is zero. Already it’s going to be difficult with 6-year-olds, "said Katia Leclerc of Les Timoilous daycare in Quebec. "My staff feel compelled to come home so that they don't let me down and keep their jobs, but something can happen to them," added the woman, who also fears for her 73-year-old mother whom she takes care of.

“Our educators are concerned about themselves and their families. Our record here is better than in Montreal, however, on Monday, we will also open up the region. Our rates could go up. And if an educator is reached, we must close for 15 days. This is the protocol, "analyzes Audrey St-Pierre, of the nursery Leur premiers pas, in Saguenay. 

GNS also complain that they are not receiving the same treatment as early childhood centers (CPE) and that they are suffering heavy financial losses.

The situation is even more critical for the Montessori Beauce daycare center in Saint-Georges, which has not received a single penny since the start of confinement.

When the GNS were restricted to serving only essential workers on March 16, Caroline Létourneau decided to close its doors in the absence of customers.

"I filled out all the government forms to get my money back. When I called the [Family] ministry, I was told that I was not entitled to this money. I was given as a reason a message on a social network that parents were unhappy [because the daycare was closed]. I've been losing $ 65,000 for a month and a half, "she says.

On April 28, Ms. Létourneau wrote to the Minister of Families, Mathieu Lacombe, to inform him of the situation. The following day, Le Journal contacted the ministry.

In the early evening of April 29, the department responded to the Journal by email. "Upon verification, the daycare initially told the Ministry that it wanted to close and that it did not want compensation. Based on the newly transmitted information and after an analysis, the family ministry contacted the Daycare to inform it that it will be compensated. "

"They called me at 4:00 pm [April 29] to apologize for the inconvenience," said Caroline Létourneau, who says she never said she didn't want compensation. But eight days later, she still hadn't received any money.

The additional provincial assistance of $ 22 million announced this morning does not satisfy Ms. Létourneau. "They are asking us to open at a loss. It's not going at all. ”

The usual ratio in a daycare center is eight children per educator. In this first phase of deconfinement, there will be four per educator. For infants, from five per educator, it will be reduced to two.

"To meet the ratio, I need all of my staff. And it’s impossible because not all employees come back. We would like them to relax their measures. Are we going to have to ask the army too? " asks Mrs. Létourneau, who estimates that a quarter of her 18 employees will not be there on Monday.

“It gives $ 10.10 per seat per day. This is a completely ridiculous amount equivalent to 20% of my wages. In March, the government gave us $ 41 per space per day. And already, I had a loss since my price is $ 50. I pay all of my payroll, but I don't get half of my clientele. Not to mention that I have to hire additional staff for disinfection and reception. I pay to open, ”regrets Katia Leclerc.

“Since March 13, the childcare centers and subsidized daycares have received their full amount. We are not recognized like other daycares. However, we offer the same service, ”she continues.

"The correspondence with the ministry and Minister Lacombe, it was not jojo. From the start, he put an “X” on our network. And the messages are often contradictory. We only received 70% of the $ 41 promised. We are still waiting for the 30% missing, ”explains Audrey St-Pierre, who estimates losing $ 4,000 a week.

"We will manage to compensate ourselves a bit with the federal program which will pay 75% of the wages from Monday until June 8, but after that it will be very difficult. Several daycares have already applied for the $ 40,000 loan [from the federal government] and are having difficulty opening it, ”she noted.