La Libra, Facebook's digital currency, announced for 2021 in reduced format

The launch of Facebook's digital currency, Libra , could take place in 2021. The project may benefit from favorable factors in the global economy, but regulators will have to be convinced first.  Facebook could launch Libra, its digital currency in 2021, we learn from the British media Financial Times, which quotes people close to the process. The product is expected to arrive in a limited version, after the project has met with great aversion from regulators, including in the United States, the country where the headquarters of the social media management company are located. The stakeholder association behind this digital currency project is now planning to launch a single version of Libra that will itself be pegged to the dollar, at the rate of one unit of US currency for each Facebook digital currency . “The other forms of currencies will be deployed at a later stage,” the FT source added. The exact launch date will depend on when the project

Pharmacies of France are now authorized to sell masks for the general public

A decree published on Sunday in the Official Journal now authorizes pharmacies to offer non-sanitary masks for sale. Relief, the French can, from this Sunday April 26, get masks in pharmacies. A decree was published for this purpose in the Official Journal on the night of Saturday to Sunday. He reintroduces the masks in the list of products that can be sold by pharmacies. And this, while they had been excluded from it by an order dated March 3 due to the general requisitions by the State. Since then, it has been impossible for individuals to obtain the masks available in pharmacies. These were surgical masks or FFP2 type masks reserved exclusively for healthcare professionals in cities such as doctors or nurses.
Pharmacies of France are now authorized to sell masks for the general public

With this decree of April 26, these masks are reserved for nursing staff, but pharmacies can sell others: "non-sanitary masks produced according to an industrial process and meeting the applicable technical specifications". As explained in detail to the Parisian president of the Union of pharmacist unions Gilles Bonnefond, these industrial masks are "said 'alternative', fabric, disposable or washable".

Difficulty of supply

There are two types: type 1 filters particles up to 90% and their use is reserved for professionals who cannot telework during confinement. These are plumbers, supermarket cashiers, etc. Type 2, on the other hand, filters particles at 70% and is intended for use by the general public. Gilles Bonnefond specifies that all of them meet the standards of the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Afnor.

With the daily newspaper, the president of the Order of pharmacists, Carine Wolf-Thal is delighted with the publication of this decree in the Official Journal, but believes that "the difficulty now will be to order and especially to receive it, because it's war, deadlines are uncertain ". She also claims that the sale prices of these masks be framed and recommends that individuals "check the level of filtering, the standard, [and] the quality control" on the box. She also recalls, like many medical experts, that the wearing of these masks does not in any way dispense with the proper application of barrier gestures and social distancing measures.