BCEAO releases $ 6 billion for West African economies

The BCEAO has just made a liquidity injection of 3350 billion FCFA ($ 6 billion) at a fixed rate of 2% in favor of several banks of the UMOA. A total of 87 financial institutions participated in the operation. The Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) made a further injection of liquidity to its member countries last week. In total, 3350 billion FCFA ($ 6 billion) were disbursed by the institution.

During the auction on September 14, 87 banks in the sub-region obtained an injection of liquidity at a fixed rate of 2%. With more than 1000 billion FCFA ($ 1.8 billion), it is the Ivory Coast which obtained the most important financing, ie 31% of the funds injected.

It is followed by Senegal with more than 580 billion FCFA ($ 1 billion), Mali with 466 billion FCFA (835 million $), Benin with 434.5 billion FCFA (777 million $) and Burkina Faso with 318 billion FCFA. ($ 569 million). Niger with 241.6 billion FCFA ($ 432 million), Togo with 219 billion FCFA (…

Pentagon publicly releases three videos of possible UFOs

After filming on the Internet for several years, three videos of possible UFOs now have the authorization of the United States Department of Defense to be released and officially published. Greyish and fuzzy, these were taken by Navy pilots and are authentic. As for what they show, nothing is certain.
Pentagon publicly releases three videos of possible UFOs

The United States Department of Defense does a little late, but today confirms the origin of videos showing the suspected presence of UFOs (or unidentified flying objects). The three videos in question had already been broadcast several times on the Internet, without the Pentagon’s approval. They were more recently published in 2017, notably by the private research institute To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science, co-founded by Tom DeLonge, singer of the American punk-pop group Blink 182. These videos (to be seen, by example, below) were until now classified as top-secret. They would come from an old Pentagon observation program, officially suspended in 2012. The first, taken in November 2004 over the Pacific, and the last two, recorded in January 2015, are from test flights and observation of US Navy pilots.

In an official statement, the United States Department of Defense says it can publish these videos today because "they do not reveal any sensitive information and play no role in ongoing military investigations." Furthermore, if the Pentagon declassifies them, it is also to "clear up the public's misconceptions" about them and thus prove their authenticity. "The aerial phenomena observed in these videos remain" unidentified "," concludes the press release. US Senator Harry Reid, the originator of the Pentagon's former UFO observation program, reacted to this publication and urged the government to “take a scientific look at the issue and its implications for national security. ” If, therefore, any speculation can be good to take, it should be noted that the statements of some pilots suggest that it may be simple drones.