Nissan unveils Ariya, its new 100% electric SUV

At a recent online conference, Nissan unveiled the Ariya, its new electric car. With a range of 483 kilometers, it will be sold in 2021 starting at $ 40,000.

Nissan finally returns to the 100% electric vehicle, almost ten years after the Nissan Leaf. In a remote conference, the Japanese automaker presented its new electric SUV, Nissan Ariya. This vehicle will be marketed in Japan in the spring of 2021 and then in North America at the end of 2021. Equipped with two to four-wheel drive, it is armed with an estimated range of 482.8 kilometers and will equipped, under the hood, with a 63 kWh or 87 kWh battery of your choice. With the Ariya, Nissan is betting on discretion and sobriety - a bit like Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, whose name unintentionally evokes. The interior of its cabin is proof: its dashboard is only adorned with two rectangular screens of 12.3 inches each. The vehicle is of course connectable to other mobile devices, tha…

Mutual funds will have more margins to finance redemptions | Canada

Securities regulators across Canada are providing mutual funds with temporary temporary flexibility to borrow money in response to recent market volatility in the midst of the COVID − 19 pandemic. The exemption will be available to all mutual funds in Canada that invest part of their assets in bonds or other fixed income securities, including equity funds that hold them.
Mutual funds will have more margins to finance redemptions | Canada

According to the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), this additional cash will help mutual funds respond to requests for redemption from investors. The borrowing limit will be raised to 10% of the net asset value of a fund at the time of borrowing, compared to a current ceiling of 5%. This exemption, which takes effect immediately, will continue until July 31.

The CSA has said it will "closely" monitor developments and decide whether further exemptions, or extensions, are necessary. Funds that contract additional loans under the exemption will be subject to conditions, including strict controls and disclosure to investors on the use of these loans. "Investment fund managers are currently struggling with liquidity issues in the fixed income markets," said the CSA President and Chief Executive Officer of the AMF. Quebec financial markets, Louis Morisset.

"The exemption increases their flexibility to manage their portfolios in the best interests of all investors, while continuing to meet their liquidity expectations."

The CSA is a national organization representing Canada's provincial and territorial securities commissions.