BCEAO releases $ 6 billion for West African economies

The BCEAO has just made a liquidity injection of 3350 billion FCFA ($ 6 billion) at a fixed rate of 2% in favor of several banks of the UMOA. A total of 87 financial institutions participated in the operation. The Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) made a further injection of liquidity to its member countries last week. In total, 3350 billion FCFA ($ 6 billion) were disbursed by the institution.

During the auction on September 14, 87 banks in the sub-region obtained an injection of liquidity at a fixed rate of 2%. With more than 1000 billion FCFA ($ 1.8 billion), it is the Ivory Coast which obtained the most important financing, ie 31% of the funds injected.

It is followed by Senegal with more than 580 billion FCFA ($ 1 billion), Mali with 466 billion FCFA (835 million $), Benin with 434.5 billion FCFA (777 million $) and Burkina Faso with 318 billion FCFA. ($ 569 million). Niger with 241.6 billion FCFA ($ 432 million), Togo with 219 billion FCFA (…

Kim Jong-un not found: rumor swells about his health

Several specialists suggest that the North Korean leader is almost dead. But the regime provides no clue, while the South Korean authorities are cautiously evoking a possible regional tour. But where did Kim Jong-un go? Since a surgical operation which would have undergone the North Korean leader and which would have gone bad, speculation is rife. On Saturday April 25, the American site TMZ even ventured to report that the head of state had actually died or was about to pass the gun to the left, citing a source highly placed in Chinese media. But he said straight away that he had not been able to confirm the information by himself. What stir up a little more fire of rumors, when little information has filtered on his current state of health and that the leader plays the invisible men since April 11 last.
Is Kim Jong-un dead?

Almost a week ago, CNN even claimed that the Trump administration was investigating reports that Kim Jong-un could "be in serious danger after surgery." But the President hastened to explain that this information was actually "incorrect". A few days earlier, it was the Seoul-based North Korean news site Daily NK which reported that Kim Jong-un had undergone heart surgery in a hospital in Hyangsan county, Le Monde said.

A medical team sent to his bedside on April 23?

However, recent information reported by 38 North said on Saturday that Kim Jong-un's special train had been seen in Wonsan, a tourist town in eastern North Korea. "He was not there on April 15, but was there on April 21 and 23," said the analysis center on its site, revealing photos taken by satellite. "The presence of the train proves nothing as to the whereabouts of the North Korean leader and indicates nothing about his health, but it does lend weight to claims that he would be staying in an elite area of ​​the country" , indicates 38 North.

In parallel, several reports, notably reported by Reuters, stated that a Chinese medical team arrived in Pyongyang on April 23 to assess the state of health of the North Korean leader. What to cast doubt on the presence of Kim Jong-un in Wonsan. This absence of the leader questions when he did not participate in the tributes of April 15 to his grandfather Kim Il-sung. On the side of the regime's press organs, nothing is left to appear: the official KCNA agency evokes the sending of a message from Kim Jong-un to the Syrian president on April 22, said Le Monde. But without publishing a photo. Not enough to silence rumors of persistent health problems endangering the life of the leader.

Kim Jong-un on a regional tour?

On the side of the South Korean neighbor, we are very careful. The authorities suggest that "the leader could be on a regional tour", and therefore on his feet. The Reuters agency even quotes a local source saying that Kim Jong-un will soon appear in public. In Hong Kong, HKS satellite TV has already announced the death of the North Korean leader, reports Le Monde, but without providing sources. And in Japan, a journalist for the weekly Shukan Gendai affirms that a member of the Chinese medical team sent to Pyongyang told him the details of the surgery undergone by Kim Jong-un and that the latter would be in a state vegetative. So much information which remains for the moment very difficult to verify, the North Korean authorities abstaining from comments.