Apple: the next iMac would adopt a new design and an Apple Silicon processor this year

For the first time since 2012, Apple would finally renew the design of its iMac. In 2021, Apple is preparing at least three new desktop Macs. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who also released information on future MacBook Pros and iPhone 12 successors in recent days, Apple will announce an iMac and two Mac Pros in 2021. The transition to Apple Silicon processors gives a new blows to the computers of the Californian giant.     iMac: finally an edge-to-edge screen This year, the iMac could change completely. Mark Gurman indicates that the borders of his screen would be much smaller, like Pro Display XDR, the ultra high-end screen launched by Apple with the Mac Pro in 2019. The back of the computer would also abandon the curvature in favor of a completely flat frame.  This new iMac would also be equipped with an Apple Silicon processor, probably a more powerful chip than the Apple M1 chip currently present in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. The 2021 iMac is reportedly

Disney+: 1.8 million downloads in 24 hours, what to overshadow Netflix?

For its first day in France, Disney+ met with great success in app stores. The app has been downloaded 1.8 million times. Is the platform a major competitor for Netflix? Two weeks late, Disney+ finally arrives in France. The SVoD platform has been available since Tuesday April 7 and will certainly change the landscape of the French audiovisual industry. On social networks, there have been many publications related to the launch of the platform, but it was previously impossible to assess the success of Disney+ in France.

Disney+: 1.8 million downloads in 24 hours, what to overshadow Netflix?

It’s now done. Mobile analytics specialist App Annie reveals the number of downloads for the first day. In 24 hours, Disney+ broke the records and the app was downloaded 1.8 million times from Google and Apple stores, making it the most downloaded app on April 7. In Europe, Disney+ has been downloaded 5 million times since March 24, when the platform was due to arrive in France. However, these figures must be put in perspective, since they are certainly not representative of the number of subscriptions subscribed in France. It is indeed necessary to take into account the web version of the platform, which some people certainly prefer to the application. The four simultaneous screens will also encourage subscribers to share an account, and we can imagine that for each subscription, there are at least four users. Nevertheless, it’s a great launch for Disney that seems to have found its audience. All that remains is to keep it at the end of the 7-day trial period.

Will Disney+ overshadow Netflix?

The masters of the 7th art seems to have successfully gone digital and now overshadows Netflix. If the Reed Hasting firm largely dominates the SVoD market, it seems to have found a new major opponent. As a reminder, at its launch in 2014 Netflix had 250,000 subscribers. Figures that quickly increased and placed it on the first step of the podium with 6.7 million French subscribers in 2020. Amazon Prime Video is not outdone with 150 million subscribers to across the globe. It must be said that the offer is attractive since it allows for 49 euros per year to benefit from the entire series and films catalog and to benefit from express and free delivery on certain articles of the site. OCS, meanwhile, reached 3.3 million subscribers in France on June 30. It remains to be seen whether Disney+ will succeed in breaking through into the now colossal SVoD offering. There is no doubt that it will compete with the giants of the market thanks to its catalogs containing Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic content. If some were surprised not to find the latest productions of the firm on Disney+, everyone is staying in the same boat in France. Media chronology prevents a film from being made available less than 36 months before its release in dark theaters. So we shouldn't see the last Star Wars for three years. Regardless, many original content will allow you to wait, like the exclusive series The Mandalorian. As a reminder, Disney+ is offered at 6.99 euros per month for 4 simultaneous screens and content in 4K.