Nissan unveils Ariya, its new 100% electric SUV

At a recent online conference, Nissan unveiled the Ariya, its new electric car. With a range of 483 kilometers, it will be sold in 2021 starting at $ 40,000.

Nissan finally returns to the 100% electric vehicle, almost ten years after the Nissan Leaf. In a remote conference, the Japanese automaker presented its new electric SUV, Nissan Ariya. This vehicle will be marketed in Japan in the spring of 2021 and then in North America at the end of 2021. Equipped with two to four-wheel drive, it is armed with an estimated range of 482.8 kilometers and will equipped, under the hood, with a 63 kWh or 87 kWh battery of your choice. With the Ariya, Nissan is betting on discretion and sobriety - a bit like Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, whose name unintentionally evokes. The interior of its cabin is proof: its dashboard is only adorned with two rectangular screens of 12.3 inches each. The vehicle is of course connectable to other mobile devices, tha…

Covid-19: African Development Bank Creates $ 10 Billion Fund

The African Development Bank announced on Wednesday the creation of a $ 10 billion fund to help regional member countries combat the spread of Covid-19 on the continent. This new initiative by the Bank will serve as its main relay to direct its operations in the context of the current crisis. This fund is made available to governments and all stakeholders in the African private sector.
African Development Bank Creates $ 10 Billion Fund

The President of the African Development Bank Group, Akinwumi Adesina, said that this envelope took into account the budgetary difficulties of many countries of the continent. "Africa is facing enormous budgetary challenges to respond effectively to the coronavirus pandemic. The African Development Bank is deploying all of its emergency response capabilities to help Africa at this critical time. We have to protect lives. This fund will assist African countries in their efforts to contain the rapid spread of Covid-19. "Said President Adesina, welcoming the unwavering support of the directors of the Bank.

The fund has $ 5.5 billion for sovereign operations in member countries of the Bank and $ 3.1 billion for sovereign and regional operations through the countries of the African Development Fund, the loan window to Bank Group concessional rates charged with meeting the needs of fragile countries. An additional $ 1.35 billion will be spent on private sector operations. "The implementation of this system required a collective effort and courage on the part of all our staff and our shareholders," said the acting senior vice-president of the Bank, Swazi Tshabalala, about the creation. of this fund.

Two weeks ago, the Bank issued a record $ 3 billion "Fighting the Covid-19" social bond, the largest social loan denominated in US dollars issued on the international market. capital. Last week, the Bank’s Board of Directors also approved $ 2 million in Covid-19 emergency aid to support World Health Organization interventions on the continent. "We are living in an exceptional time, where we must take bold and decisive action to save and protect millions of Africans. We are engaged in a race to save lives and no country will be left behind, ”said President Adesina.