Windows 10: the blocking for the 2004 version is lifted on the Surface

Technology: Microsoft was preventing certain Surface devices from updating to the 2004 version due to technical issues. The blockade was lifted on June 29.
Microsoft releases the block it placed on certain Surface devices to prevent them from updating to version 2004. This block prevented users of certain Surface models manufactured by Microsoft, including Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7, from downloading and manually install the latest Windows 10 feature update.

According to information released as part of the May 2020 update, devices with more than one network adapter capable of operating in "Always On, Always Connected" mode may experience unexpected shutdowns and reboots. The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 both fall into this category. (Other surface devices can also be included; I asked Microsoft for a list of affected devices, but got no response).

Several technical problems when launching the updateEven though a patch (KB4557957) was released on June 9 as part of …

EDF activates the pandemic plan in Flamanville

Flamanville, in the Manche, is not only the construction site of the future EPR, the new generation reactor which has accumulated delays and additional costs for many years now. It is also two reactors in operation. When they’re not down for maintenance, like they’re doing now. Their restart was scheduled for May 31. It will undoubtedly be postponed, since EDF has just launched the pandemic plan for reactors 1 and 2 at Flamanville. In question, the numerous cases of coronavirus in Cotentin, which also affect the staff of the plant.

EDF activates the pandemic plan in Flamanville

"The business continuity plan was launched in Flamanville 1 and 2 from today," said an EDF spokesperson. It is a compulsory plan that allows you to continue working when the absenteeism rate is very high. Concretely, this means that "only the people who perform functions essential to the safety and security of the site will go to the site," the spokeswoman said. These are the operating teams, which operate and monitor the reactors currently shut down, the safety engineers, the protective personnel and those responsible for monitoring the environment.

The site of the future EPR is not affected by these measures. This means that the work will continue. But they were already expected to slow down. Flamanville is, for the moment, the only power station where EDF has had to implement this business continuity plan. But the company is prepared to deal with any deterioration.