La Libra, Facebook's digital currency, announced for 2021 in reduced format

The launch of Facebook's digital currency, Libra , could take place in 2021. The project may benefit from favorable factors in the global economy, but regulators will have to be convinced first.  Facebook could launch Libra, its digital currency in 2021, we learn from the British media Financial Times, which quotes people close to the process. The product is expected to arrive in a limited version, after the project has met with great aversion from regulators, including in the United States, the country where the headquarters of the social media management company are located. The stakeholder association behind this digital currency project is now planning to launch a single version of Libra that will itself be pegged to the dollar, at the rate of one unit of US currency for each Facebook digital currency . “The other forms of currencies will be deployed at a later stage,” the FT source added. The exact launch date will depend on when the project

Aigle Azur: former CEO sues ex-shareholder Houa

Frantz Yvelin is asking hundreds of thousands of euros in damages for damage to his image. If Aigle Azur was liquidated in September 2019, Gérard Houa, who had 19% of the shares, would be largely responsible for it. This is in any case the version of Frantz Yvelin, the ex-CEO of this airline which had more than 1100 employees and mainly served Algeria.
Aigle Azur: former CEO sues ex-shareholder Houa

At the end of 2019, the ex-boss brought legal action against the one who was the third shareholder. He claims several hundred thousand euros in damages from him for damage to his image. In addition, Aigle Azur has brought criminal charges against Gérard Houa, in particular for forgery and use of forged documents. "I did not receive anything. I don't know, ”reacts Gérard Houa.

To understand this conflict, you have to rewind the film. In a difficult situation after a 2018-2019 financial year where the company had lost nearly 30 million euros, Aigle Azur needed to bail out before mid-September. At the beginning of August, Frantz Yvelin believed that he had found the solution: "Vueling was ready to inject 27 million by taking over half of our time slots in Orly and one of our planes," he says. Aigle Azur also planned to relocate half of its Parisian flights to Roissy, to separate from around fifty employees and to ask others to work more for the same salary.

But this beautiful building was shattered when, at the end of August, Gérard Houa made a putsch and landed Frantz Yvelin without informing the other shareholders. Two days later, justice restored Yvelin to his functions. "But the business was unmanageable," he notes. Houa had made things impossible for the staff. ” "It was Mr. Yvelin who was the CEO, and I was the one who sank the company. I find it curious, ”says Gérard Houa. History will end in justice.