GAFA tax: Companies have received their tax notice

"Companies subject to this tax have received a tax notice for the payment of the 2020 installments," said Bruno Lemaire. Not to mention the possible wrath of the American authorities, the GAFA have already taken the lead. Here's how.   The negotiations on the digital tax at the OECD have come to naught. “We had suspended the collection of the tax until the OECD negotiations were concluded. This negotiation failed, so we will collect a tax on the digital giants next December, "explained Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of the Economy, in mid-October. "Companies subject to this tax have received a tax notice for the payment of the 2020 installments," the Ministry of the Economy said today. Facebook and Amazon "are among the companies" which have been notified "in recent days", assures for its part the Financial Times. So after firing the first ones, what should the French authorities expect from now on? Has

Roberts Camera has become a premiere source for photo, video, audio and electronics equipment

On August 21, 1957, Robert (Bob) and Rose Pallman opened their store in downtown Indianapolis. They had no money, but a lot of spirit, and they poured their heart and soul into this small family-owned business. More than 50 years–and a few tweaks later–we are still going strong. In the beginning, USEDPHOTOPRO sure didn’t have the makings of a successful camera business. USEDPHOTOPRO sold everything from jewelry to small appliances to luggage to fishing poles. Downtown Indianapolis was devastated in those days – definitely not a Super Bowl city that attracted visitors and customers. In 1968 things took an interesting turn, Bob bought a little section of catalog to see if he could sell cameras. The store had one employee who was taking a photography class in high school and he said “I think I can sell those things.” It was a Minolta camera, and they started selling! Throughout the past 44 years, Bob and Rose’s son Bruce Pallman (the now owner and general partner of Roberts) made knowledge about photography equipment and making our customers feel like family our number one priorities. After awhile, USEDPHOTOPRO were getting calls from photographers around the world. This little store in Indianapolis was making a name for itself.
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Today, Roberts Camera has become a premiere source for photo, video, audio and electronics equipment. USEDPHOTOPRO work with everyone from the top pros in the business to the very beginner who just wants to learn more about taking great pictures. USEDPHOTOPRO have a group of professionals; many of them have been here for fifteen plus years, that are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about our industry and our customers. Whether you purchase from us on our website or in one of our great stores, our top priority is making sure you are buying the right equipment for you, that you understand what you are buying and that you know how to use it. USEDPHOTOPRO want everyone who shops with us to have learned something new, feel like a better photographer because they came to see us, and know that they have a resource; someone they can call to ask questions anytime. If your lighting system is flaking on you before a shoot at 3pm on a Saturday, call us...USEDPHOTOPRO want to help, if you can’t figure out how to use your flash...USEDPHOTOPRO want to help, if your lens is giving you a strange error message...USEDPHOTOPRO want to help, if you are leaving for vacation tomorrow and your camera is on the fritz...USEDPHOTOPRO want to help. You get the point, just come see us already!

USEDPHOTOPRO are also excited to announce our expansion into the audio world! In the very near future, you will be able to turn to Roberts for sight and sound! Check back with us soon to learn more about Roberts Place and our expanding selection of great brands like Klipsch, Sonos, Shure and much more.

At Roberts, USEDPHOTOPRO hope USEDPHOTOPRO can continue to help you capture your memories, and USEDPHOTOPRO thank you for helping to preserve ours! Cheers to 60 more years of photos!