Windows 10: the blocking for the 2004 version is lifted on the Surface

Technology: Microsoft was preventing certain Surface devices from updating to the 2004 version due to technical issues. The blockade was lifted on June 29.
Microsoft releases the block it placed on certain Surface devices to prevent them from updating to version 2004. This block prevented users of certain Surface models manufactured by Microsoft, including Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7, from downloading and manually install the latest Windows 10 feature update.

According to information released as part of the May 2020 update, devices with more than one network adapter capable of operating in "Always On, Always Connected" mode may experience unexpected shutdowns and reboots. The Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 both fall into this category. (Other surface devices can also be included; I asked Microsoft for a list of affected devices, but got no response).

Several technical problems when launching the updateEven though a patch (KB4557957) was released on June 9 as part of …

Netflix: why the platform ends its free month for maximum countries?

Netflix has done away with its free month. From now on, you will need to subscribe to take advantage of the service when you register. At the end of the weekend, Netflix discreetly deleted its free one-month trial offer. Available since the beginning of the service, this offer allowed to taste Netflix free of charge for a month, and thus to get an idea of ​​the extent of the catalog (and of course push the user to remain subscribed after the trial period ). It was also a way for some to take advantage of the free streaming video service, by creating different email addresses and changing accounts each month. Unfortunately, this manipulation will no longer be possible, because you will necessarily have to get your hands on the wallet to register and take advantage of Netflix.

People watching Netflix

The prices remain unchanged: count 7.99 euros/usd per month for the "Essential" package (one screen, SD quality), 11.99 euros/usd per month for the "Standard" package (two screens, HD), and finally 15, 99 euros/usd per month for the “Premium” package (four screens, 4K / UHD). Despite the end of this trial period, Netflix nevertheless offers to test another formula than the one you had subscribed to for a month at no additional cost. Thus, if you had opted for the "Essential" formula at 7.99 euros per month, you will be able to switch to the "Standard" or "Premium" formula for one month without a rate increase.

The reason that pushed Netflix to delete its free month remains a mystery, especially since all of its other competitors offer this trial offer, whether it's Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Canal + Series or even Apple TV + (only one week for the latter). Furthermore, this change seems to affect only France, Belgium and Spain at the time of writing, since the free month is still available across the Atlantic. In addition, Netflix has not announced anywhere that it plans to remove the free month.

After all, we must admit that now that Netflix is ​​well established, the free month is no longer of any use for the firm co-founded by Reed Hastings, since it was primarily there to attract customers. We also suspect that this offer was able to cut Netflix's revenues, if some users took advantage of it to take advantage of the service for free by changing accounts month after month, even if the streaming giant did not communicate any figures in relationship with this practice. Also, Netflix will soon experience a storm, with the arrival of Disney + on March 24 in Europe. However, we don't know if Disney + will offer a free trial offer when it arrives, even if it is the case in the United States.