Apple: the next iMac would adopt a new design and an Apple Silicon processor this year

For the first time since 2012, Apple would finally renew the design of its iMac. In 2021, Apple is preparing at least three new desktop Macs. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who also released information on future MacBook Pros and iPhone 12 successors in recent days, Apple will announce an iMac and two Mac Pros in 2021. The transition to Apple Silicon processors gives a new blows to the computers of the Californian giant.     iMac: finally an edge-to-edge screen This year, the iMac could change completely. Mark Gurman indicates that the borders of his screen would be much smaller, like Pro Display XDR, the ultra high-end screen launched by Apple with the Mac Pro in 2019. The back of the computer would also abandon the curvature in favor of a completely flat frame.  This new iMac would also be equipped with an Apple Silicon processor, probably a more powerful chip than the Apple M1 chip currently present in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. The 2021 iMac is reportedly

A grand week in Super Bowl LIV

Since I have a highly regarded colleague who publicly advertises himself as a supporter of the San Francisco 49ers, I have a thought for those who were overwhelmed with immense disappointment at the conclusion of Super Bowl LIV. But let's face it, that was after all the perfect conclusion to a wonderful week.

No need to know how to play football like Patrick Mahomes to understand that I am referring to the victory savored by Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, an athlete whose influence goes far beyond the sporting context.
Following such a grand event, crowned by the first Super Bowl triumph of a Quebecer born in Quebec, I was asked to go for an exception and to offer you a column on my impressions of the week. 
Super Bowl LIV

There is a theme that emerges from great athletes and that is the inspiring confidence they have shown. My favorite post-match quote sums it up perfectly. The confidence comes from the hot receiver Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs. Hill said he lost his temper when his club pulled back 20-10.

Even though he already had many other issues to resolve, Mahomes felt that his speed merchant had lost control. He walked over to him and said, "I need you, you need to calm down. His intervention was salutary and Hill was at the heart of the victorious comeback.

At 24, Mahomes demonstrated extraordinary leadership qualities from the start to the end of this extremely demanding week. While he did not know his best performance, he never stopped believing in it and he instilled this confidence in his partners. It's not for nothing that Willie McGinest said Thursday that Mahomes makes him think of a young Tom Brady in terms of leadership and work ethic.

Thanks to his medical career and his enriching family life experiences (like a one-year trip on a sailboat), Duvernay-Tardif is not in style to panic. But if there was a time when he could have faltered, it was at the Super Bowl. Wounded in a calf early in the second quarter, he had some troubles, but remember that he was facing the best defensive front in the NFL and that his coaches had determined that he had to manage without the help of a partner on most protective games.

At this level, LDT shares similarities with athletes with striking insurance. He had dared to say publicly that this match was going to define the next 10, 20 and 30 years of his life. Sunday, he worked hard to conclude everything positively and he triumphed.
It was not for nothing that he was emotional when we told him about this feat. No one can take that title away from him. He will be, forever, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Super Bowl champion, and doctor!

Above all, he will remain associated with the edition of the Chiefs who gave the Super Bowl to this rich organization after 50 years of waiting.

The patience of their loyal supporters has been tested during this half-century and that explains the fact that they invaded the Hard Rock Stadium. Their red clearly dominated the red of the 49ers enthusiasts. The only time they celebrated together was, you guessed it, when Shakira and Jennifer Lopez ignited - and hynoptimized at the same time - the planet with their performance. We can assure you that their charisma was felt in the last rows of Hard Rock Stadium and probably in your living rooms.

Personally, it was my second Super Bowl after the one in Atlanta last year. That said, you don't need to have covered twenty to understand that it is a favorite place to bring together the world of football. Among the unavoidable reasons, let us quote the kindness of the people, their warm welcome, the beauty of the place, the atmosphere taking off, the sublime weather, the diversity of cultures and the restaurants to discover.

The downside is certainly at the level of circulation. You should know that we walk a lot in a week of the Super Bowl. Let us quickly mention Marlins Park for the media evening, the hotels of the two teams from Tuesday to Thursday, the daily media center, the visit to the Hard Rock Stadium on Tuesday. When each destination requires 45 to 90 minutes of travel, it results in a puzzle and many articles written on our knees in shuttles or sitting on the floor of a hotel reception hall.

Talk to my colleague Didier Orméjuste who had to ask these young people to move around while they were trying to film a slightly too sexy video clip in the field of the camera where he was performing his live presence on RDS.

It is above all an immense privilege that comes in several precious moments. It's not every day that you can sit at the same table as Kurt Warner, Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin to ask them questions as if you've known them for a few years. Ah yes, what about the simplicity of Rob Gronkowski, Tony Gonzalez and Erin Andrews in an interview. By rubbing shoulders with these big names in the sports media and colleagues from many countries, we also say that the RDS football team is doing admirably well.

We will also remember that this trip to the Super Bowl was marked by the more than tragic death of Kobe Bryant. Few athletes will have touched the community in this way and athletes will try to draw inspiration from its mentality for decades. Her aura on the sports scene will not disappear, it will only be exercised differently.

Chiefs' ball carrier Damien Williams gave an eloquent example of this with an inspired performance when everyone doubted his abilities. Williams made no secret of the fact that he had been upset that almost no one ever talked about him in the two weeks leading up to this big date. For all those heroes who take advantage of the Super Bowl to shine around the world, there is the other side of the coin. The Niners have to recover from a bitter failure and Kyle Shanahan, a great coach in the making, will be at the forefront of this collapse. His time will come, for sure. We just don't want to have to wait as long as Andy Reid who deserved to no longer feel that weight on his shoulders.