Global nickel production to decline 7.4% this year (GlobalData)

According to GlobalData, global nickel production will decline in 2020 by 7.4%. In question, the decision of Indonesia to ban this year the exports of raw ore, associated with the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Philippines in particular.
Global nickel production will decline 7.4% this year to 2.19 million tonnes. According to a report by GlobalData published this week, this drop will be the consequence of the ban on the export of raw ore decided at the beginning of the year by Indonesia, the world's largest producer, even though the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to make the situation worse.

“Indonesian nickel mining companies without an integrated crude smelting system have found it difficult to sell their output to national smelters […]. As a result, domestic miners have either stopped or reduced production in the first three quarters and this is expected to continue until the end of the year, ”says Vinneth Bajaj, senior analyst at GlobalData, who th…

PayPal introduces "inactivity fees". But there is a simple solution to avoid them

PayPal user agreements have been changed somewhat to add an "inactivity fee" of around ten euros per year.

PayPal introduces "inactivity fees". But there is a simple solution to avoid them

If you have a PayPal account that you use very little, this information may be of great use to you. Until now, there were no special costs associated with having an account without using it. But things have changed. PayPal user agreements have evolved and something new has crept in. She was spotted by a developer of the Numerama site when he carefully reviewed the post the company posted on its blog on September 29. You will now have to pay "inactivity fees for accounts that remain inactive for at least 12 consecutive months," PayPal writes.

By "inactive", the company means that a user has not logged into their account, or that they have not used it "to send, receive or transfer money" over the past year. elapsed. This measure will not be applied until December 16, 2020. And the company invites anyone who does not wish to have these fees applied to "close" their account before that date, "without incurring any additional costs." 

Regarding the amount of these inactivity fees, the company informs that it will be less than 12 euros "or the remaining balance in your account". To avoid having to pay them, you just need to take the time, in the space of a few minutes, to log into your PayPal account before December 16. The operation will have to be repeated once every year. As the site PhonAndroid reminds us, the introduction of these inactivity fees is a perfectly legal practice. Services like PayPal are required to contact their users after 12 months of inactivity.

Besides, the firm is not the only one to impose this kind of fees. The Lydia app, which makes it easy to send or receive money to someone via their phone number or QR code, has a similar policy in place. User accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months can thus pay fees up to 30 euros per year, which are taken directly from the account concerned. However, people whose balance is zero are not affected, specifies BFM Business.