Global nickel production to decline 7.4% this year (GlobalData)

According to GlobalData, global nickel production will decline in 2020 by 7.4%. In question, the decision of Indonesia to ban this year the exports of raw ore, associated with the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Philippines in particular.
Global nickel production will decline 7.4% this year to 2.19 million tonnes. According to a report by GlobalData published this week, this drop will be the consequence of the ban on the export of raw ore decided at the beginning of the year by Indonesia, the world's largest producer, even though the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to make the situation worse.

“Indonesian nickel mining companies without an integrated crude smelting system have found it difficult to sell their output to national smelters […]. As a result, domestic miners have either stopped or reduced production in the first three quarters and this is expected to continue until the end of the year, ”says Vinneth Bajaj, senior analyst at GlobalData, who th…

In Texas, she is convicted of selling stolen goods on eBay

This Texan was ordered to pay 3.8 million euros. Kim Richardson chose to plead guilty and accepted his sentence. The 63-year-old Texas resident has sold stolen items on the eBay e-commerce platform for nearly 19 years. She was ordered to pay $ 3.8 million for this massive fraud, indicates the Business Insider US site.

In Texas, she is convicted of selling stolen goods on eBay

From August 2000 to April 2019, Kim Richardson traveled across the United States, shoplifting stores she passed on her way. She always brought with her a large black bag, in which she buried the products after having freed them of their anti-theft device. Kim Richardson then went to the eBay e-commerce platform to resell these items to individuals.

Theft, sale, shipment: Kim Richardson managed his "business" from end to end, according to a press release from the US Department of Justice. It was the US Secret Service and the FBI that led the investigation to trace Richardson and his misdeeds. 

The amount Kim Richardson was ordered to pay is the earnings she has accumulated over the years by selling spoofed products. She was also sentenced to three years in prison. None of the traders who were robbed by Kim Richardson, however, will be compensated, said CNN, the court having ruled that it was "impossible" to identify them precisely.